Q: what makes wax different than the other record collecting apps and services?
A: wax is all about owning your record collection, not just syncing up with a database. this means you have full control to edit and create any records in your collection. you can even create brand new records that external services do not have, or add special notes and details about your specific copy of a record.

Q: what about records i want, but don't have yet?
A: you can put those in your grab list.

Q: in what ways can i add records?
A: you can search for records via barcode scan, artist / album, record label, or catalog number. you can also add records manually by entering all the data yourself.

Q: is wax a discogs client?
A: no. while wax searches the discogs database for information about releases (among other sources), it does not sync with discogs. wax is a collection of your records, not checkboxes in a release database.

Q: can i only add vinyl?
A: the free version of wax is only for vinyl. you can unlock the ability to add other formats for $2.99 as an in-app-purchase.

Q: what are crates, and how do i use them?
A: crates are special collections of releases that you create to organize your collection however you want.

to view your crates, tap the crates icon in the collection or grab list view.

to create a new crate, tap the crates icon in the collection or grab list view, then tap "New Crate...". alternatively, while viewing a record, tap the crates icon in the bottom toolbar, then "New Crate...".

to add a single record to a crate, while viewing a record, tap the crates icon in the bottom toolbar. from this view, you can also create a new crate to add the record to. a record needs to be in your collection or grab list to be added to a crate.

to add multiple records to a crate, while viewing your collection or grab list, use the search bar to find the records you want to add. an "Add Results to Crate" button will appear. this is super useful if you want to add all records that match a certain search criteria in just a few taps.

to edit your crates, tap the crates icon in the collection or grab list view and choose your crate. you can tap "Select" in the top right corner to select records and remove them from the crate by tapping "Remove from Crate" in the bottom toolbar, or tap "Delete this Crate" in the bottom toolbar to delete the crate.

Q: how do i change my search options?
A: tap the gear icon in the top right of the new record search screen.

Q: how do i export my collection?
A: tap settings, then under export, tap "email". your collection will be exported in a summary through text, and completely through an attached JSON file.

Q: how do i share a record, and why can't i do it through text?
A: tap the share icon in the bottom toolbar while viewing a record. you can't do it through text because apple doesn't let you yet.

Q: the ads on discogs, amazon, and ebay are annoying. can you block them?
A: yes. just turn on wax's content blocker in settings → safari → content blockers.

Q: can i report a bug, request a feature, ask a question, help test the next version of wax, or just say hi?
A: absolutely - click here to get in touch.


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